Our profil

We are a new company in the market established January 2004. Our main activities are consulting into the management of Logistic processes (production and procurement), Organizational and Procurement Processes.
The company has excellent procurement contacts to the eastern part of Europe and also to Asia (especially China).

Our second strength is our Trading Enterprise in the field of Sport Optics e.g. high quality Rifle Scopes, state of the art Binoculars, high end Spotting Scopes, Night Vision Devices and Range Finder. Also Digital Cameras and a DigiBino (Camera + Binocular).
All kinds of pouches, Bags,(Leather and Soft) Straps, and many other accessories. We have partnerships and contacts to all the main manufacturers in Eastern Europe and China. We are members of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the German "Ostasiatischer Verein".

Our organization is able to develop products to customers specification incl. Product Design. We serve also special markets as Security, Law Enforcement and Military with OEM Products incl. Service and Maintenance.

The Founder of the Company Mr. Gerold Bamberger has over more than 25-Years of experience in the area of optical and fine - mechanic Industry. He had been working as a Top Manager with one of the world market leaders from this area for the last 15 years. The founder manages both technical and business experience in the areas of sales and purchasing, he was especially engaged in a research of the world wide purchasing markets.

The company Global Consult keeps at his disposition a worldwide purchasing and cooperation network. We have long-term contracts with special partners in Eastern Europe, Asia (China,Taiwan,Singapore) and USA. By this is ensured the continuing presence in the markets and the fastest reaction time you can have.

The world is our market the world is our home